Flight Date Flight Type
Scheduled Origin Scheduled Destination
Schd./Actual Departure Sched./Actual Arrival
Aircraft Flight Simulator
Approved/Rejected by vFDR Version
Remarks Total FDR Events
Validator Report Remarks 44215 minutes before the time of the book is, certanly, an error of the sim time and it appears in the beginning of the flight in the vFDR. The difference in weight is also easly avoided. The flight preparation is a very important stage in any flight.

Departure and Arrival

Departure Arrival
ATS Route
Out (TAW / Time) On (LW / Time)
Off (TOW / Time) In (GW / Time)
Taxi Out (Dist./ Time) Taxi In (Dist./ Time)
Taxi Out Speed (Avg.) Taxi In Speed (Avg.)
Runway / Length Runway / Length
Takeoff Roll Touchdown At / Roll
Takeoff Speed / Attitude TD Speed / VS / Attitude
Wind / W. Component Wind / W. Component
Flaps / Gear Schedule Flaps / Gear Schedule
Total Flight Time Online Flight Time
Flight Distance TOD Distance

Passenger, Cargo, Payload and Fuel

PAX Fuel on Board
Cargo Uplift
Payload Fuel
GW Planned Fuel
Planned ZFW Block Fuel
ZFW Final Fuel

Flight Data Monitor

Description Bonus / Penalty (%) Points IAS / TAS / GS (kts) ALT (ft) / HDG (º)

Altitude & Speed

Flight Route Map


# Phase Time Event Value IAS/TAS/GS (kts) ALT (ft) HDG (º) Fuel (kg)