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Funchal Qualification Procedure

Most of SATA Internacional's flights include a takeoff or landing at Funchal (LPMA/FNC). As in real world, we require a special qualification from our pilots flying with Azores Airlines Virtual.

Minimum Requirements:
a) 100 flight hours or 50 cicles on the current fleet.
b) 20 flight hours or 10 cicles on the current fleet during the last 2 months.

The Qualification is made on two steps:
a) Written Exam
b) Funchal Procedures Flight

Written Exam
1. As soon as the pilot completes the minmum requirements he can start his Funchal trainning.
2. His initial requirements do not include any flight to Funchal.
3. He will recieve an email containing instructions on how to access our Exam System.
4. He will complete one written exam about this airport.
5. The requested result is 70%.
6. If he fails his exam he can redo it one more time.
7. If he fails again, he will be dismissed, but can be redo after a minimum period of 1 (one) month.
8. This exam is valid for all fleets and has no limited valid time.

Funchal Procedures Flight
1. This flight will focus on published procedures for a real world Funchal qualification.
2. This flight is valid only for the pilot's current fleet.
3. This flight will be taken as many times as necessary.


Note: One cicle is the same as one flight (one takeoff and one landing)

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