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Captain Admitance Procedure

Captains are admited when necessary. We intend to keep a number of captains equal or less than pilots.

1. Flight Operations and Fleet Chief will apoint someone to Captain
2. If the pilot accepts to become a captain his admitance procedure will start
3. He will recieve an email containing instructions on how to access our Exam System.
4. He will complete one written exam about the aircraft, much more elaborated than the initial exam.
5. The requested result is 70%.
6. If the candidate fails his exam he can redo it one more time.
7. If he fails again, he will be dismissed, but can be recalled again sometime

Minimum requirements are:
a) 150 flight hours or 80 cicles in SATA
b) 100 flight hours or 50 cicles on his fleet
c) To have Funchal Qualification on his fleet

Note: One cicle is the same as one flight (one takeoff and one landing)

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