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Pilot Admitance Procedure

What happens when a candidate's application is admited? He will now start his evaluations.
In real world a pilot's license indicates that he knows how to fly and is authorized to do so. In our virtual world, flight schools are not well established. So what happens? We must be sure that he or she can fly. How? He have our own set of exams.

1. During the board period all candidates will be able to login to the Certfication and Qualification system (CertCentre Login).
2. There is a limited period for these exams, generally three weeks.
3. The requested results are 50% for each exam with an average of 70% for all of them.
4. If the candidate fails his exams he can redo them one more time.
5. If he fails again, he will be dismissed, but he can apply for the next candidacy period.
6. The exams are:
  a) Navigation and Meteorology
  b) Air Law and Communications
  c) Principles of Flight
  d) SquawkBox, Airline Procedures and Online Flight Configuration
7. Once the candidate enters the exam page he or she will have a maximum of one hour to complete it. By exiting the exam will turn out to be a zero on the score.

When a candidate is approved, that is to obtain an average of 70% in all exams and a minimum of 50% in each one of them, he will proceed to the Type Rating.

These exams are valid for 60 days. This will be usefull during the Type Rating.

You can read more about Type Rating by getting back to the previous page and following to the Type Rating Procedure page.

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