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Pilot Fleet Change Procedure

Any pilot can request his change to another fleet. Based on availability from that fleet he will start at once or enter a wait list.

There are two distinctive situations:
1. If does not have a valid Type Rating for that new fleet
   a) Request and complete the Type Rating for the new fleet. This procedure is the same for new pilots.
      i) Will not require to complete any Assisted Fligths
2. If already has a valid Type Rating for that new fleet
   a) Nothing required

You can read more about Type Rating Flights by getting back to the previous page and following to the Type Rating Procedure and Type Rating Flight Description pages.

If the pilots already have a Funchal Qualification and wishes to keep it, will only have to make again the Funchal Procedures Flight, but will have to complete the minimum requirements for it.

We recommend all pilots to obtain their Type Ratings before changing fleet to avoid any inactivity stage.

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