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Type Rating Procedure

Now that the pilot has been admited we must get his Type Rating for the fleet he is about to enter.
A Type Rating is required for any aircraft that can take more than 9 passengers and is over 5700Kg.

It consists of two phases.
  a) Written exam about the aircraft
  b) Type Rating Online Flights

Written Exam
Consists of a 20 question exam about the aircraft, cockpit and procedures.
1. There is a limited period for this exam, generally two weeks.
2. The requested result is 70%.
3. If the candidate fails his exam he can redo one more time.
4. If he fails again, he will have to wait until the next candidacy period, but there is no need to retake the pilot admitance exam if they are still valid (60 days).

Type Rating Online Flights
This flight (or a maximum of two flights) will determine the pilot's hability to fly this aircraft and his knowledge of general flight.
1. SATA vFDR minimum flight rating for TR flight is 90%. Having 90% or above on TR flight rating does not mean the candidate is admitted.
2. Flight instructor assigned to the Type Rating has the final decision about admittance.
3. If the pilot fails these flights he can redo them once more.
4. If he fails again, he will be dismissed, and his admittance exams will expire.
   a) He can apply again for the next candidacy period

If the pilot is approved he is now a SATA Virtual pilot and will carry on to the Assisted Flights.

You can read more about Type Rating Flights by getting back to the previous page and following to the Type Rating Flight Description page.

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