Welcome on board! The Atlantic an You since 1997!


Grupo SATA Virtual intends to be a cybernetic simulation of Grupo SATA at the pilot level. Our pilots are flying real routes in Microsoft Flight Simulator at their own computers, having at the same time a place to learn and to interact with other people.


Grupo SATA Virtual has its own website at www.satavirtual.org. All @satavirtual.org emails are considered official from SATA Virtual staff. Any other mean of communication is considered official if includes our URL.

Virtual Pilots

The Virtual Pilots are those persons who have been approved to join our roster after all necessary exams.

Pilots Admission
The admission is made in two steps. From time to time a Pilot Recruitment Board is open. After sucessful registration an automatic email is sent to the candidate email address with details to access Certification Centre admittance exams.
The admission process is described in Pilot Recruitment.

Captain Admission
Captain admission is restricted to pilots already in the roster and a) have at least 150 flight hours b) 100 as flight time in his fleet. Captains moving from one fleet to other are reduced to Pilot status until obtaining 20 flight hours in the new fleet. The admission process is described in Pilot Recruitment.

Pilots are submitted to one fleet from which they shall receive the flight assignments. Any pilot having a type rating for another fleet may fly in this fleet. Type ratings are valid for a period no greater than 1 year. The Type Rating procedure is described in Pilot Recruitment.

Flight Assignments are only suggestive and not a demand. Each new flight assignment is issue from a period not less than 8 days.

Flight Reports are mandatory in order to be included in the logbook. The official and only method available is by vFDR.

Several Requests are active. Inactivity is for pilots who intend to be inactive for a period greater than 2 months.
Fleet change is a request to all those pilots willing to change their active fleet, which from that moment will start receiving the flight assignments bounded to that fleet after a valid type rating has been completed.

Removal from Roster
Any pilot without a single report within 2 months will be considered suspended. Any suspended pilot will be removed from the roster within 2 months.
Pilots with inactivity status will be removed after a period of 4 months.

Real Airline Support

Grupo SATA Virtual is authorized by Grupo SATA to use its logo and name, since July 17th 1997. Both Grupo SATA logo and name are registered marks of Grupo SATA. Grupo SATA Virtual also has technical and logistic support from Grupo SATA.